Capio™ System Display Acrylic Inserts (30-Pack/Three of Each Product Selected)

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Dryeye Rescue now offers an alternative solution to placing retail products on the "Conversation Starter Display." You can now use printed acrylic labels to show your preferred products or treatments.

Capio™ System Features

The Capio™ System is made to be used with our small displays. It consists of a custom clipboard and printed acrylic inserts that represent a product label/box.

The Capio Product Inserts are designed to be used on the shelves (instead of actual products).

One of the many benefits of this system is that it eliminates doctors' need to sell the products. Doctors can place the recommended products on the Capio Clipboard and let staff do the rest.

Capio™ System Benefits

  • Increase capture rate with easy "Hand-off."
  • Showcase 3x more products with inserts
  • Reduce inventory investment
  • Inserts are incredibly durable, unlike products.
  • Reduce the potential of theft
  • Unique system to jump-start dry eye conversation
  • Ensure proper placement of your products
  • Reminds staff of what products were discussed in the exam room
  • More product sales and happier patients
  • It's a great way to let your patients know that you carry products and increase in-office sales.
capio system display

Capio Display System

Easy to use, efficient, streamlined system to assist the doctor hand-off resulting in increasing product sales.

acrylic inserts

Capio Product Inserts

Capio ClipBoard

Our Inserts have a groove to attach to the ClipBoard to help remind staff to sell the product's recommendations.

Overall Size:

  • All are the same size
  • Material: 1/4" Acrylic
  • Installation: Ready to use, no assembly required.

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