Focus Blue Light Mango Flavored Gummies (60ct, 1 Month Supply)

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Focus Blue Light Mango Flavored Gummies (60ct, 1 Month Supply)

What it is: Focus Blue Light formula is a natural filter of high energy blue light from digital devices, natural and artificial lighting (indoor and outdoor). This formula promotes healthy eye function by increasing macular pigment in the eye, and improves contrast sensitivity and glare to help the eyes quickly recover after use.

About Focus Blue Light: Increases the protective layer of the eye called the MPOD by filtering high energy blue light. It is clinically proven to support clear, detailed vision in bright light and naturally comforts fatigued eyes from blue light and device use. Our formula is vegan friendly, with no animal products or byproducts and is proudly made in the US.


  • Helps protect eyes from digital devices, blue light, and eye fatigue
  • Reduces glare sensitivity 
  • Improves macular health 
  • Supports eye function

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