Green Glo Lissamine Green Strips


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Green Glo Lissamine Green Strips (Rx) 100 Sterile Strip Per Box

Product Facts: Each sterile strip is impregnated with 1.5 mg. of Lissamine Green. These Strips Work By Staining The Cornea Blue Upon Instillation.


For best viewing and patient comfort, the Lissamine Green impregnated tip should be moistened with one or two drops of sterile irrigating or saline solution before application. Apply moistened tip to conjunctiva or fornix as required. It is recommended that the patient blink several times after application.

  • Hold package in middle and tear down toward sterile strip
  • Turn over and tear down from other side, taking care not to tear the sterile strip.
  • Grasp each end of package firmly as shown, without touching the sterile strip, and pull apart.

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