I-Lid ’n Lash® Gel

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I-LID ’N LASH® Foam, 50mL Pump Bottle

What it is: I-LID N LASH® cleans and removes ocular debris and makeup from around the eyes. It helps maintain lid and lash health and enhances the effectiveness of artificial tears. The addition of a daily eyelid hygiene regimen to a management plan based on tear lubricants helps to restore corneal health, allowing the eye to function normally.


  • Cleans and Hydrates
  • Soothing Action
  • Does Not Burn or Irritate
  • No need to rinse off


  • Apply a moist, warm compress to eyelid to loosen encrusted debris and secretions.
  • Gently rub eyelid and eyelash roots with the moistened pad in a circular motion until debris is removed.
  • Do not rinse. Any remaining I-LID ’N LASH® will continue to cleanse and hydrate the skin.
  • Repeat as needed for the second eye using a clean wipe.

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