Optase Dry Eye Spray

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Optase Dry Eye Spray, 300 Doses 0.58 fl oz (17ml) Sterile 


Specially formulated to strengthen the tear film lipid layer and protect eyes from drying out.

  • Preservative and alcohol free
  • Suitable for all types of contact lens users. 
  • Advanced bottle technology for 3 months sterility from point of opening. 
  • 2 press pump system for accurate application 
  • Contains active ingredient Glycerin 1% and other natural ingredients to soothe dry eyes and moisturize eyelids 
  • 0.58 fl oz in each bottle provides more than 300 doses 
  • Offers an alternative solution to applying eye drops. 
  • Use as part of the 3 step OPTASE, HEAT CLEANSE HYDRATE regimen.  


  • Spray on closed eyelids as needed.


Active Ingredients: Glycerin - 1 % (Eye Lubricant)

Inactive Ingredients: Sea buckthorn seed oil, sodium hyaluronate, trometamol-citrate

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