TearCare® Applicators (1 Pair)

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TearCare Applicators Includes Electrothermal Controller, Charging Nest, Disposable Eyelid Forceps

What it is: TearCare® is the blink-assisted device that applies heat to the eyelids to remove blockage associated with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

About TearCare: The TearCare® System utilizes both wearable and smart technology to target the underlying cause of dry eye and provide a comfortable, open-eye procedure for patients suffering from MGD.

Product Facts: 

  • The TearCare System consists of an electrothermal controller that delivers regulated and adjustable heat via single-use iLid devices that are affixed to the upper and lower lids. 
  • The iLid devices contain multiple thermal sensors and are made from a thin, flexible material that adjusts to the contour of the lid and allows for natural blinking.
  • The controller is recharged in the charging nest. Each device set is also packaged with a disposable eyelid expression forceps for manual gland expression following application of localized heat therapy.


  • Patient can keep eyes open which permits blinking and natural meibum expression throughout the procedure
  • iLid procedure takes approximately 12 minutes and is then followed by manual expression as needed
  • Eye care providers can select from 5 temperature level options
  • Such applications would include meibomian gland dysfunction, dry eye, blepharitis, stye, or chalazia

Price Includes 10 Treatment Applicators

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