Unique pH Travel Pack- Multipurpose Solution for Gas Permeable Contact Lenses -2.5 Fluid Ounces

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  • No More Hazy Vision - Remove protein deposits & see the world clearly with this contact solution!
  • Soothes Eyes - This contact lens solution adjusts to your eye’s tear pH for increased comfort.
  • Multi-Purpose - Clean, condition, & disinfect your lens using our Unique pH contact lens cleaner.
  • Travel-Friendly - Here’s a handy contact lenses solution for gym, office, & out of town trips!
  • Includes Cleaning Case - Menicon’s eye contact solution comes with a sterile case for your GP lens.

This eye contact solution is specially formulated to condition the lenses by adjusting to the eye's natural tear pH, Unique pH Multi-Purpose Saline Solution effectively brings you greater comfort when you wear your RGP lenses. Unique pH Multi-Purpose Saline Solution comes in tightly-sealed, leak-proof, and travel-sized bottles that have undergone the proprietary Blow-Fill-Seal technology to ensure that your contact solution doesn’t accidentally spill or be contaminated, even when you’re out exploring the world. The 3-pack bundle also comes with a free lens case that can be used to soak your contacts overnight with the saline solution.

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