Re-Order Handout Cards (Drop-ship) 1000/pack


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Start Capturing Product Refill Orders!

Fully Customized for Each Practice:  LOGO, Practice Name, Coupon Code


  • With our new Website Handouts, you can start capturing some of the refill product revenue from your patients.

  • Many offices sell 1-2 month supplies to their patients with the hope they will call or come in for their re-orders.  We find that over 80% of those patients buy their refills from Big Chains, or online and not from the doctor.

  • Simply give this card to the patient with every order, and they will know they can call your office to order or can buy online, or both.

  • If they call your office to order, you take the payment then drop-ship the products to their home.

  • Some offices find it easier to just send the patient to and let us handle the transaction and give the practice 60% of all profit from the orders.

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