ZocuKit for ZEST (In Office Treatment)

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Zocukit®: Zocular® is the first and only company to pioneer the use of a refined extract of Abelmoschus esculentus (aka Hibiscus esculentus), commonly known as okra, for your eyes and face in its products.

  • Zocular products contain our unique okra-infused Zocusome micelles that gently lift and clear the oil, debris, and residue on your eyelid margins to make your eyes and skin appear more natural and healthy.
  • The Zocukit procedure is a clinically effective in-office procedure performed by your eye doctor to remove the residue and debris from your eyelid. No anesthetic or tea tree oil oil that can burn your eyes is used. Experience the power of the okra-based Zokrex platform for your eyes.

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